What happens when a 39-year-old woman retires after 20 years of service in the Army and begins to discover who she really is?

That’s the idea behind this site.

I’m the free-spirited papoose of a pair of used-to-be hippies, that loves getting muddy out on the trails, sampling foods and craft beers while globetrotting, and broadening my horizons through my relationships with others.

Since retiring from the military four years ago, I’ve been living life on my own terms and ever the optimist, I attempt to find the silver linings in every situation (although admittedly, I’m not always successful).

I have an amazing wife (a.k.a. the other Mrs. P-B) who manages to tolerate me being ruled by my inner child while encouraging me to pursue my creative endeavors. We recently relocated to North Carolina from Panama, Central America with our three cats and a dog and welcomed my father-in-law and his semi-psychotic stalker cat into our home. We’ve also added another dog to our pack.

“My Inner Monologue” is the name of my blog, and it’s where you’ll find my weekly updates. It’s an outlet for me to get back to my creative writing roots and test story ideas on an unsuspecting audience while honing my craft.

Whether it be recent travels, writing project teasers, pop culture, social injustices, or any other random thoughts, this is where I post it all. I’m hoping to inspire thoughtful discussions that promote further understanding of sometimes sensitive topics, as well as tolerance for opposing viewpoints.

Join me as I continue my personal and worldly journeys and please feel free to add your thoughts to the comments section of posts.

P.S. Feel free to reach out to me anytime at abby.blaisdell74@gmail.com